Hi, I'm Bradley, owner of Stacked Coaching.

Like you, I have fitness goals that include looking and feeling good in my own body.

I grew up and currently live in New Orleans and know all about how challenging its laissez les bon temps roule philosophy can be when you want to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

I was a chubby and nerdy -like in the band- teenager and lived life to the fullest in college. I played sports for fun, but I wasn't athletic. I even tried to work out at the rec center but felt inadequate and couldn't make it a habit because I didn't know what I was doing.

Despite being outgoing and recreationally active, I excelled at hiding my emotions behind my overweight body.

One day, playing adult soccer, I tore my ACL and fractured my tibia. Through months of rehab, I showed up 3 times a week for physical therapy. And once discharged, I used that one habit of "showing up" to jumpstart my life.

I joined a CrossFit gym, read books, and was pumped!

Of course, I lost a lot of weight. I was working out 1.5 hours a day, 6 days a week.

I was getting stronger, my performance was improving, and I had fallen in love with fitness.

In fact, my own transformation led me to quit my corporate job and open up my own gym.

And you know what comes with gym ownership? Looking like you own a gym.

No matter how hard I worked, how strong I felt...

... I didn't see those results in the mirror.

I felt my goals were unattainable, and I became unhappy with myself.

To make things worse, a friend told me that his friend didn't join my gym because of the "fat owner."

I was crushed and embarrassed.

I hit rock bottom emotionally and in business ownership even.

What if this guy is right? Who will want to work out with a guy that looks like me? I'll keep working out harder -I thought.

So I worked out more. I even wasted years doing fad diet trends -none of which yielded consistent and sustainable results.

I still loved fitness.

I loved my gym.

I loved the community of people who kept showing up for each other and me.

I was motivated and determined.

If I couldn't change my DNA, how else could I help my body reach its potential?


While I ate "pretty healthy," I hadn't focused on my body's specific needs.

And sure enough, it didn't take long before I saw real changes in the mirror.

This new motivation led me to study and become certified in nutrition both for myself and my members.

And for the first time in my life, I felt like I had unlocked my potential.

Today, my clients and I use nutrition to fuel our bodies to thrive, perform, and feel our best.

Instead of feeling restricted, I've learned that knowing what a body needs nutritionally can provide a lot of flexibility in one's diet.

I no longer feel guilty for enjoying a slice of king cake, nor do I judge other people's diets. What we eat is simply a choice we make.

By now, you can probably see why helping people reach their potential is very personal to me.

Each week, when I sit down to program all the workouts, I think about how to help my members maximize their results.

I see them for the person they are and the sacrifices they make each day when they choose to show up for themselves and come to a class.

While some people come to Stacked for the effective and fun fitness programs that build strong bodies, many add on nutrition to maximize results, lose weight, and/or feel their best.

Regardless of what you've tried in the past or where you are today, I would love the opportunity to help you reach your goals so you can feel your best.

I've got your back,

Bradley Schneller

If you are ready, click here. We would love to see you at Stacked.